ThE pAdDy WaGoN



cLaSh oF cLaNs

TeAmShOrTbUs Clan

Welcome to TeAmShOrTbUs'S clan website! This clan was born on Dec 26th 2013, thanks to my son Nicholas.We were sitting in the living room and he was tapping away on his galaxy tab3, he was so into what he was doing, that the curious person I am had to checkout what he was doing! He was playing a game called clash of clans. I grabbed the tab from him and hogged it for the rest of the day. The very next morning we went to Best Buy and I just had to have a tab3 to start my own coc account. That was when ThEbUs clan was created. Two members strong we went into global chat to recruit. To my dismay Noone wanted to join our two man clan. Over the next few weeks ThEbUs grew one by one someone would join, them they would leave. Nick and myself were pretty bummed, we couldn't get the clan to max capacity.... then came a noob named Iri5hwater, and i'll be honest he barely had any walls, that's when things started looking up, one by one people would join and read Iri5sh, Nick and my comical conversations. Within a few days CVS, Kfc, Alkemist and But joined. We got lost and totally glued to our screens. Today we are now a strong tight knit clan. The clan is run by a "council" consisting of BrUcELeEpOw, Iri5water, Alkemist, Kfc, Burt and our newest council member B-rad. The council it in charge of the daily goings on in the clan. We have to turn people away from the clan, so much so we decided to start a sister clan "NoWaLlS" that is now over 30 strong and growing everyday. So this website Is for all clan members from both clans.

Happy 1st birthday teamshortbus!!

       Today December 26th is TeAmShOrTbUs'S one year birthday!! I want to personally shout out to a few members who I could not have done all of this with. First I want to than Irishwater, You have been a huge part of the our clan staying strong through the first year of our existence. Thank you for all of your dedication and leadership you have brought to our clan. It's crazy to think that a friendship can be made without ever meeting a person in real life. You are truly one of my real friends and I thank you for all of your help. 

     Second I want to thank Ammo, you actually came into our lives early during the tough days (when we were noobs and couldn't keep more than 20 members at a time.). You brought legitimacy to our clan, a Th10 that suck around and was willing to help with strategy and great knowledge of the Coc game. We have also grown a friendship that I enjoy very deeply. Thank you also for all of your hardwork and patience with all of us noobs. we (as a clan) are much better because of you and your experience with CoC.

     KfC, Burt, CsV even though you both are not as active. The three of you and Irish are some of the eldest members and have played a huge part in the growth of the clan. This has been a joy playing a kids game with you all. After all the kid in all of us needs to come out and play too.

     SnApDa9, I am so thankful that you joined us. I knew as soon as you joined you would end up being one of our leaders, you always want and strive to be the best in whatever you do. That has fashioned our clan to do the same, thank you!!! Your leadership is invaluable to all of us here. You lead by example and are not afraid to one up anyone lol. 

     PoOlGoOd, you have help me with my vision of this clan from day one, I want to thank you for the awesome friendship you have provided me through the years, even outside this game!!