TeAmShOrTbUs Clan

      Hey guys, everyone calls me Irish. I started playing just after Christmas 2013. After rebuilding my clan castle I started searching for a clan. I saw one with a name that made me chuckle, had to check it out. That is when I joined TeAmShOrTbUs. The name drew me in, but the conversations kept me. I'm coming up on a year into this and have made some friends through this game. I like to head to NoWalls and help out, like was done for me when I was first starting out. GO SEAHAWKS! Mow I am the Leader of ThE pAdDy WaGon!

ThE pAdDy WaGoN

ThE Council.....

cLaSh oF cLaNs

     I am the founder of the clan TeAmShOrTbUs and one of the main leaders. I wanted to start a clan using my old xbox gamertag's clan name. I love to watch movies and I Work hard and play harder. What started out as a game for fun, has turned into not only a fun thing but a pretty big thing. We have added friends who live close (same city), new friends from around the world. "I never thought this idea would expand into three different clans, not ev​er."  We started this clan on Dec, 26th 2013 and now have a total of three clans. Crazy, I say just crazy!! I am not sure where this all is heading but I am going to enjoy the ride. So on a closing note.... Welcome to ThEbUs! (TeAmShOrTbUs, NoWaLlS and ThEwArbUs!).