ThE pAdDy WaGoN

TeAmShOrTbUs Clan

cLaSh oF cLaNs

Clan Rules

Please read in full!!

     Here are some rules that you should know as a clan member with any of our three clans. (tEaMsHoRtBuS, ThEwArbUs and nOwAlLs).

1. If you are a new member please say hi and get to know your fellow clan members before requesting troops. Requesting right off the acceptance will earn you "Das Boot".

2. We have a council that controls the clans. They are senior Co-leaders who have either been with us since our infant stages or have earned there way to the "Council" position. Any Council member has the ability to remove any other clan member if the member is out of line or disrespectful of others.

3. Wars are started on fridays only, if you are wanting more wars than one a week, consider joining ThEwArBuS, they run wars as often as possible.

4. We are not a farming clan at TeAmShOrTbUs, but minimal farming is allowed there, but you MUST not drop lower than gold 2, and absolutely below gold3. If for some reason you farm and end up silver at the end of the day you will either be kicked out or requested to go to our farming clan NoWaLlS, discretion is up to two council members agreeing to do so.

5. We donate like crazy at all clans, min requirement for being eligable for clan promotions are set as such..  Also to be coonsidered for elder min of 1 week but that is not the only thing we look at, we look at how active you are and how much you take part in the social side of our clan.

Position      min donations (per season 2weeks) 

Elder            500

Leaders       1000


6. As much as we want to donate max troops, it is not always going to happen. If you Donate max troops it is fair to expect about the same level back, ect. If you don't have max troops and you want to donate to the higher players please check to see what they need and if it is ok to donated lesser troops, that is just being respectful. If you have lvl4 troops its fair to expect that in return, but you will find if you are greatful for the max troops or hogher troops that may be donated, and you remember to say thank you, you may see them more often than not.

7. When we go to war, and are on attack day... IT IS NOT A FREE FOR ALL!!! YOU MUST CHECK WITH CO LEADERS TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE ATTACKING THE RIGHT PERSON. Believe it or not there is a strategy to winning these wars. Generally we attack straight across, so number to number. Unless there is a big desparity depending on the clan we face. Always check with council member before attacking.

8. Council members are: Bruceleepow, Irish, Forty, Ammo, Burt, B-Rad, KfC

9. If you really want to know what "Das Boot" means please just ask Irish, he might even demonstrate it to you lol.